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Military Relocating to Halifax: Styling to Stay

Posted to Halifax?  Welcome!

Revive Home Staging - Halifax Military Styling to Stay

As a Military Spouse and Member of the MFRC Entrepreneur’s Club, I can appreciate the fast pace process you endure with postings. I want to help make your new home transition easier!

How many times have you moved due to a Military posting?Revive Home Staging - Military Halifax Real Estate Posting

Does the thought of deciding where to place all your things daunting? Do you want to create a comfortable and stylish space for your family and don’t know where to start? Do you want to focus your time on getting the kids settled and organized for school and activities?

I can help.

Starting with Colour

When moving into a new home, the first item that new owners want to change is paint colour.  One of the best ways to change the feel of a room is with colour, choosing the right colour initially will save you time, money and effort.  If this stage of styling your home is required, we will work together to choose the best colour that suits the room, lighting, flooring and coordinating with your furnishings.

All of my paint colour consultation clients have been thrilled with the colours I have chosen for their spaces.

“Pam, we installed the new bathroom countertop and the new paint colour is dead on! The new office colour is perfect, it makes the room look larger.” (Paula G, Lower Sackville)

Halifax Military Posting Revive Home Staging Posted to Halifax Styling to Stay

Revive Home Staging Military Posting to Halifax

“We need your services again to choose paint colours for our new house!” (Paula and Randall, Lower Sackville)

“The new main floor colour is perfect, it’s so ME! I purchased new curtains to add extra warmth and I just love it! The updated sea green colour you chose for my son’s room made a big difference. The original orange colour was too stimulating but it’s now calming and coordinates well with everything in the room. The guest bedroom now looks warm and comfortable, I can’t thank you enough”. (Kelly D, Windsor)

Space Planning and Decor Placement

Seeing all your furniture arrive at once can be overwhelming as you have to decide where to place everything in a short amount of time. Where you had items arranged in your previous home may not work well in your new space.  I will work with you in arranging your rooms to create flow and function while also feeling warm and comfortable.  I will hang your artwork, mirrors and arrange all decor, making your home feel stylish and fresh.  You will feel quite accomplished as you settle in your new home.

Style Plus

Every new move requires finishing touches to truly make you feel at home!  You may require additional decor to showcase your new house layout.  From selecting replacement light fixtures that aren’t your style, to providing suggestions or shopping for decorative furnishings, accessories and attractive storage solutions, this extra service will allow your new home to feel just right for you.  Style Plus will give your home that refreshed look that will make you smile and brighten your mood.  Another successful move!  I would love to help make settling into your new home in Halifax be as smooth as possible!Revive Home staging Style Plus ideas Halifax Military Real Estate



Styling to Stay fees depends on the services required and includes a four-hour minimum timeframe.  An additional hourly rate will be applied for Style Plus services.  As a special Military Rate, the minimum fee payment ranges from $300-450, which is required prior to scheduling an appointment.  Cancellation fees will apply.