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Home Staging Services

Our Services include:

Home Staging Consultation to prepare your home for sale which includes:

  • Re-arranging furniture, artwork and decor, de-personalizing and decluttering
  • Selecting and arranging for furniture and decor accessories rentals if required
  • Paint colour consultations

Vacant Home Staging Services

Staging for Military Relocation

Styling to Stay

Home Staging Consultation

With an initial two-hour consultation, Revive Home Staging will provide you with the detailed directions you need to prepare your home for listing! Most potential buyers will view your real estate listing online before scheduling a viewing, so it’s vital that your online photos look amazing.  Let Revive Home Staging create that ‘ready to move in’ look. 

We will provide guidance to which updates may be required, whether it’s painting cabinets, replacing light fixtures and flooring or painting walls.  We will also re-arrange furniture if needed, ensuring that the rooms flow well together and have appealing sight lines.  It will be recommended that any items that may not fit well in the space be moved into storage.  Art and decor will be re-arranged to highlight the space and accessories to create a warm and inviting home will be recommended. 

An attractive focal point to impress buyers when they enter the home is important to draw them in and make them want to stay.  Revive Home Staging will ensure your home will look its best and attract those buyers!  A well staged home will warrant a higher listing price with your agent.  Statistics show that homes that are professionally staged will sell faster and for more money.  Home staging will allow your home to stand out above the rest!

A Revive Home Staging Consultation is billed for a minimum two-hour rate of $175.  For consultations outside of Halifax Regional Municipality, an additional charge will be applied.  Payments are required on the day of the consultation.

Full Home Staging Services: Providing a Quote for Vacant Listings

Each home is different, some may require extra items to highlight certain features or extra furniture to showcase oversized spaces. 

Providing a quote over the phone based on square footage is a disadvantage for sellers, because without viewing the property we may have to factor in unknown variables which would unnecessarily increase the price.  If a ‘sight unseen’ quote is provided and the seller wishes to proceed, we would have to view the property to develop a design plan that is custom for the home, thereby slowing down the process. 

Viewing a vacant property to assess the home for a quote saves time and money.  In order to provide an accurate quote, an initial design plan is developed, saving time for the seller should they wish to proceed quickly.

Based on our expertise, we will suggest which rooms or spaces should be highlighted to attract buyers, therefore we must accurately assess what is needed for the home. 

Vacant Property staging quotes provided by Revive Home Staging are at no charge.  

When the quote is accepted, a contract will be sent for signature and the staging fee and the first month staging inventory fee will be due in order to schedule a staging appointment.  Full access to the property is required during the rental period.

Military Relocation

Revive Home Staging understands military constraints that families are often faced with.  Military families move often, and at times don’t have the luxury of selling during peak market conditions. Revive Home Staging will relieve some of that stress by providing precise direction for the steps required to show your home beautifully so that it sells quickly and at top dollar.  For details click here.

Styling to Stay

Revive Home Staging will help give a new fresh feel and stylish look to your space to all clients in HRM.  Settling into your new home and need direction for paint colours, furniture placement, artwork and accessories? Revive Home Staging can lead you into the right direction to make your house feel like home. Our services of space planning, storage options, paint colour consultation and shopping for accessories would be the finishing touches of relaxing in your new space. For more details, please visit my Military page.

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