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“I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU! You did an amazing job staging our house to sell. I know we would never have achieved an acceptable offer 6 days on the market (WOW, WOW, WOW) if it wasn’t for your wonderful staging ideas. Thank you for listening to us and staging it as a four bedroom. *Amazing results *Extremely happy customers, All the best from Michelle and Sheldon!”


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“If anyone is looking for an amazing home stager, contact Pam! Our consultation with her helped us get our house ready for the market and the transformation is remarkable. The positive comments we’ve received so far about the house are the result of her wonderful vision for all of our living space. Thanks, Pam! You’re incredible!”

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“Thanks to all of your suggestions, our house sold to the very first people who walked through the door!  Amazing!  The process was very quick, affordable, and stress-free and the furnishings and accessories you provided were beautiful.  The pictures speak for themselves.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Thanks again!

Dr. Alison Stefanuto, Halifax, NS”

Revive Home Staging Halifax NS Home Sold in One Day Real Estate Home Stager

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“After several months on the market, we approached Pamela to stage our home because she was familiar with government relocations. With our home being vacant, we received various comments about our counter tops, which although particular, were not deal breakers, but kept coming up. Pamela met with us and was very friendly, attentive and best of all, creative. She came in prepared, having reviewed our house online to get a sense of what she had ahead of her.

She immediately saw the potential in our house and set to making it stylish and appealing.

When we discussed the counters’ colour, rather than seeing it as an obstacle, she worked around it – throughout the house.  The colour became the jumping off point for her entire job.  She made our home warm, welcoming and very inviting.

Once staged, the house received many, many compliments for its attractive decor. A number of our friends joked they would move in to the house, and when a neighbour across the street saw the updated MLS pictures, emailed our realtor asking for Pamela’s name since she needed some advice of her own.

Pamela took the time to create and share social media posts of our house to various sites, and reposted again for more exposure. She wanted to continue the viewing traffic on the house and we appreciated that.

We would absolutely recommend Pamela since she was efficient, clever and very professional. Thank you!

Jill Scott, Halifax, NS

3252 Devonshire Rd., Halifax, NS real estate house for sale downtown Halifax

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Hi Pam, thanks for all of your suggestions for staging. We incorporated as much as we could and can hardly believe how great it all came together. Your directions were exactly what we needed and achievable on our budget. We can hardly believe the before and after shots….fantastic! You’re a star!” – Paula and RandallRevive Home Staging Military Posting to Halifax

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“The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! You have no idea how helpful all your tips were, we spent the weekend shopping for all your suggestions. You’ve made the house look so warm and inviting and your photos reflect that feeling. I’m so glad we were able to meet.” – Veronique and Rick

Revive Home Staging Halifax Military Relocation Posting Pam MacKinnon


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